Why Choose RK Realty Group?

It is our aim to deliver the best service to you, the investor, who is involved in these projects and properties. With our experience in Off-the-Plan settlements and second-hand properties.

We understand that a successful selling, settlement and leasing of your property starts with us for you to be comfortable and well-informed property investor.

Whether keeping the property in good condition, achieving the best return from the most suitable tenants, or simply being available 6 days a week, we are here to help & support you.

As Onsite & as an Outside Management there are many benefits to having us market and manage your Apartment:

  • By having very good relationship with your Strata & Building Management caretaker, we can communicate easily with them to help & support you in whatever needs to be done in your property. We know exactly what is happening with your property as we communicate with building management, strata management and the developer directly.
  • With our office onsite or centrally located in Rhodes, enabling us to build rapport with all owners and residents each and every day.
  • Before bringing you, the Investor, our recommendation for final approval, all prospective tenants are interview by a licensed & qualified Property Manager or Leasing Manager. Furthermore, these Property Manager or Leasing Manager will always accompany a prospective tenant when inspecting a Unit for letting.
  • Rental Payments are monitored daily.
  • For those delicate major jobs requiring a professional tradesperson, we can recommend at least 3 different trades person to do the job and making sure that they do a good job. We also organise and supervise them on your behalf.
  • We are also always prepared to work with the developer and builder to work through all the building defects, if we are involved with the developer from the beginning like with all Billbergia Projects in Rhodes, Wentworth Point and Meadowbank. No matter how successfully built the building we cannot avoid any building defects and so wemake sure that we have a strong connection with the developer, so that we can have the voice to work with them to maintain the buildings in good condition even when building warrantees are finish. It is a large duty we are experienced and capable of undertaking.
  • We understand the local market better than anyone else in the area and knows most of the buildings in this area of Rhode, Wentworth Point, Sydney Olympic Park & Meadowbank.
  • We are dedicated to always improving our services to you, to ensure your investment is cared for and maximises the return for you from day 1. We are committed to looking after your investments, undoubtedly, we are in the best position to do so. This is our ‘Priority Service Promise’ to you.

Property Management Services

RK Realty Group is also a Property Management Company specialising in Off-the-Plan Management Letting Rights.

As your on-site property managers, our priority is to ensure you as the investor to receive the highest level of service with the minimum hassles. We aim to maximise the simplicity of the settlement and handover process with developers, and through our experienced property management team, ensuring your investment return is in the highest level projected.

We pride ourselves on maintaining a high level of communication with all our investors/landlords at all times. We strive to provide the best level of customer service and professionalism which assists in the settlement and leasing of your property on time to maximize your return. We look after you and your property with care and assuring you with comfort and reassurance throughout the entire settlement and handover period. And we will continue our services throughout the life of you owning your property.

We look forward to working with you at RK Realty Group.