Riezel Kinsella
Riezel Kinsella Principal & Licensee

Riezel Kinsella, as Managing Director of Riezel Kinsella Realty Group brings years 19 years of experience and a passion for property, business and life itself.
Riezel possesses qualities of determination, ambition, and a desire to learn, share and prosper. A commitment to attending leading industry training and property forums, international markets and consulting with some of the top property development professionals in the country, is part of the larger scope of Riezel’s day to day business. Even though, she’s very busy in business, she finds time to enjoy her passion in Personal Growth & Development by enjoying her daily prayers, meditation, yoga, listening to music, reading, doing courses, dancing and enjoys cooking & world travel. She is very dedicated and loving mother & wife to her husband John and three young adult sons John James, Thomas Roger & Joseph.
Riezel Kinsella Realty Group is involved in the Chinese Community at Rhodes, Wentworth Point & Sydney Olympic Park areas. Always involved in charity work for overseas for Hope for Cambodian Children Orphanage, ASK Foundation & Restore Hope in the Philippines for Operation of children & adults who are born with cleft palate or facial deformities and Good Shepherd Australia & Sisters of Good Shepherd Orphanage in the Philippines.
Our core competency lies in integrity, professionalism, and expertise in Residential Project Marketing & Sales and Property Management. Through these competencies, we strive to help our clients achieve their dreams by assisting them in choosing the right property investment.

William Wang
William Wang Leasing Officer

This trilingual (English, Cantonese, Mandarin) real estate expert has been in the industry longer than there have been fishes in the ocean. William has sold over 160 properties in his career and he has no plans of stopping anytime soon. He has very significant experience not only in Australia but in other fast developing countries as well like Hongkong and China.
He is an authority at identifying strategic opportunities, sourcing properties and site acquisitions giving only the best to his clients. William’s inherent ability to communicate with clients, comprehend their concerns and provide only the best solutions has earned him great respect in the real estate community.

Sean Kuang
Sean Kuang Property Manager
Vivian (Wei) Guan
Vivian (Wei) Guan Accounts Manager

With a Bachelor Degree in Engineering, Masters in Accounting and a Certificate of Registration in Real Estate, this mom of two sure is good at numbers. Born in China but moved to Australia years ago, Vivian has since obtained her masters from Macquarie University and has worked for different entities as an Accountant.
Vivian’s bubbly personality combined with her knowledge in accounting and love for real estate has earned her a great standing in the company. She handles day to day management of all the accounts herself and prides herself in being able to deliver promptly.

Mohsen is our longest running employee and has been such a valued member of the team with his substantial IT experience, strong insight and passion for people and full commitment to work. Bringing a wealth of knowledge and invigorating passion for our company, he works seamlessly to ensure all our computer systems are running impeccably.
Our tech savvy IT Manager spends a lot of time with his wife and family on his days off. He also loves reading, studying and spending time in nature. He has a passion for continuous learning and is always looking forward to extending his boundaries.

Rita Gao
Rita Gao Leasing Manager

Rita Gao, as Leasing Manager of Riezel Kinsella Realty Group has years of experience in the real estate industry. She is an impeccable work ethic as well as a keen passion and drive to succeed.
Positive, diligent and integrity are at the core of Rita’s principles, which leads to client satisfaction and always brings a better service experience.